Have more control, balance and strength

Great for women and men who sit at a desk all day. Targeted and precise movements that help you have more muscle control, improve balance, improve strength and overall health.

How Filates Helps You

Filates is designed to be gentle and for people of all ages with a focus on safety and preventing injuries.

About Filates by Fiona

I’m passionate above Pilates and how it’s affected my health and fitness.The beauty about Filates (Pilates) is that it is suitable for people of all ages and all levels and is meant to be non-intimidating.My goals are to help you have more control, balance and strength.

Corporate Wellness Pilates Program

Are your staff at risk of sitting at a desk and computer for long hours?Introducing: Corporate Pilates, Health & Wellness ProgramIn today’s technology-driven environment, we are at risk of suffering even MORE physical ailments than before……with today’s work hard, play hard culture and the long hours you spend in front a computer, laptop, mobile device, you’re more at risk of suffering from problems such as:- Forward-leaning neck
- Bad posture
- Stiff neck
- Stiff upper-back muscles
- Pain in lower-back
- Hyper-extended muscles
- Tight hip-flexors from sitting too much
- Much, much, more

Reach a passionate health and fitness audience

Fighting for attention of health and fitness audience is harder and harder in a sea of noise……but now you can reach a targeted audience of health and fitness enthusiasts.We’re open to a variety of sponsorship opportunities as long as it meets our guidelines and is relevant to our audience.Why sponsor with Filates by Fiona?
Our audience and clients are important to us, so we’re very stringent about what we share with them. We make sure sponsors are relevant and of use to our audience.
We have limited sponsorship slots at any one time so as not to overwhelm our audience.Sponsorship OpportunitiesThere are various sponsorship opportunities available, some examples (but not limited to) are:- Sponsor special events or classes
- Sponsor relevant products to be distributed to our students
- Sponsor a social media post
Have other ideas or suggestions?Let us know.

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